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Steve Hodson Cancer Classic Information

Every year since 2010, the week after Christmas and just before the beginning of a new year, Cedar City is host to the Steve Hodson Cancer Classic basketball tournament. It is common for high school teams to travel, stay, and play three games during this holiday week. What is uncommon, however, is the Steve Hodson Cancer Classic.

This high school basketball tournament serves a greater purpose than simply tune-up games for players, coaches, and fans. This event, five years running, has raised $36,000 for local individuals and families afflicted by cancer, the same disease that took its namesake, Coach Steve Hodson.

Coach Hodson died of Multiple Cell Myloma Cancer on November 3, 2008. He is survived by his wife Suzy, three daughters, Annie, Summer, and Kristy, and ten grandchildren.

As a high school basketball coach, Steve Hodson's teams won four state championships between the years of 1994-2006 (two at Cedar High and two at Canyon View High). His influence cut a much wider swath than simply basketball, however, and he was known and loved by many as a teacher, mentor, and friend.

The Steve Hodson Cancer Classic is currently hosted by the collective efforts of personnel and faculty members of Canyon View and Cedar High Schools, managed by athletic directors Jim Langofrd (CVHS) and Danny Lewis (CHS).

Thank you to KB Oil and 5-Buck Pizza for their generous sponsorship of the SHCC. Any business wishing to sponsor our tournament  for the 2014-15 year, please contact Jim Langford (jim.langford@ironmail.org)

The 2017 tournament will be held December 28-30.

2017 tournament schedule

Steve Hodson's granddaughter, Roslyn,
sings the national anthem every year
at the beginning of the Canyon View vs. Cedar game