Elizabeth English was born on July 29, 1991 to Rob and Rae English. Her extracuricular activites include being a Wreastling Cheerleader. Elizabeth loves Itallian food, and has too many favorite books to list. She has been acting for five years. Plays she's been involved in includes: The Ransome Of Emily Jane, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Jailhouse Rock, The Crucible, Into The Woods, Hamlet and Indians. Elizabeth's fears being alone in the dark.

Bram Stults was born on July 10, 1989 to Michael Stults and Nina Hansen. Besides working at the IHC, his extracuricular activites include Journalism and schmoozing with the famous. His favorite play is Indians by Arthur Kopit, his favorite book is The Great Gatsby, and his favorite food is dark chocolate. Bram has been acting since he was 13 and plays he's been involved in includes: Pericles (Boult the Pimp), Into the Woods (Narrator/Mysterious Man), The Crucible (Reverend John Hale), Taming of the Shrew (Petruchio), and Fiddler on the Root (The beggar). Though Bram is the most feared actor on stage, he has his own including drowning, bleeding to death, snakes, and global warming.

Alex Walsh was born on February 7, 1991 to Patrick Walsh and Cath Riesen. Besides working at Sullivan's Cafe and Steahouse, his extracuricular activites include Drama and Tennis. His favorite play is Little Shop of Horrors, his favorite book is Cell by Stephen King, and his favorite food is steak. Plays in which Alex has been involved in includes: Midsummer Night's Dream, Greece, The Crucible, Indians, Taming of the Shew, and Much Ado About Nothing. Alex's fears include girls and getting eaten by Mr. Maxwell (Teacher at Canyon View High).

David Husselbee was born on July 16, 1990 to Paul and Ana Husselbee. Besides working at La Casa Don Miguel. His favorite play is Fat Pig by Niel LaBute. His favorite book is A Clock work Orange. David has been acting the past four years another play in which David has been involved in includes: Footloose.

Kimmie Davis was born on March 20, 1991 to Gale and Ulie Davis. Her favorite play is The Crucible, her favorite books are Twilight and Max Ride, and her favorite food is anything to do with breakfast. Kimmie has been acting since she was in 4th grade and plays she's been involved in includes: Annie, The Crucible, Indians, and many more. Kimmie's fears include Clowns and Carnies.

Eric Waits was born on April 14, 1990 to Scott and Dana Waits.. Besides working at Starbucks, his extracuricular activites include Student Government, dancing, grinding coffee, and watching movies. His favorite plays are Roger & Hammerstiens and Cinderella, his favorite book is One More Day by Mitch Albom, and his favorite food is Eel Sushi. Eric has been acting for one and half years and plays he's been involved in includes: Bugsy Malone and others. Eric's fears include sharks.

Mary Matheson was born on August 29, 1991 to Gaylen and Amy Matheson. Her extracuricular activites include X-Country, CV Track, choir, Cedar Youth City Counsil, and Honor Society. Her favorite play is Les Misérables, her favorite book is Lord of the Rings, and her favorite meal is a fatty, greasy, and delicious All American hamburger, with artery-clogging french fries and tomatoes. Mary has been acting since she was 8 and plays she's been involved in includes: Grease, The Crucible, Indians, Annie, and Into the Woods.

Shalece Reeves was born on August 20, 1991 to Delbert and Cassandra Reeves. Her favorite book is Dragon Riders of Pern, and her favorite meal of the day is dinner which includes a Fettuolne Alfredo with chicken with strawberry cheesecake and skittles for dessert. Shalece has been acting for 6 years and plays she's been involved in includes: Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Once Upon This Island. She is most feared of arachnids, heights, and having bad grades.

Eli Sherman was born on October 31, 1989 to Roger and Wendy Sherman. Besides working at the Southern Utah University, his extracuricular activites include CV Track, Football, Basketbal, and Soccer. His favorite book is Passage to Zaraheula and his favorite food is pizza. Eli has been acting since he was 12 and is afraid of messing up in life.


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