Congratulations FBLA at region fall 2020!

Individual events:
Makayla Anderson: (2nd) Agribusiness, (3rd) Health Care Administration
Remington Anderson: (1st) Computer Problem Solving, (1st) Securities & Investments (2nd) Cyber Security,
Hanna Thacker: (1st) Economics, (1st) Public Speaking, (2nd) Political Science
Brian Alger: (2nd) Intro to Information Technology
Group events:
(1st) Hospitality & Event Management: Makayla Anderson, Hanna Thacker
(1st) International Business: Kyle Nichols, Aiden Barnett
(1st) Website Design: Makayla Anderson, Remington Anderson, Aiden Barnett

Congratulations to FBLA at state spring 2020!

Jared Winn placed 2nd and 3rd place in his events!
2nd political science
3rd healthcare admin
3rd insurance and risk management