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Desired Results for
Student Learning

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CVHS Mission and Belief Statements


DRSL 1: Competent Learner
A Canyon View High School student will be a COMPETENT LEARNER endowed with the ability to read, write, listen, speak, and think critically about academic subjects and the world around them.


  1. Demonstrate competency in curriculum requirements
  2. Demonstrate literacy across the curriculum

DRSL 2: Effective Communicator
A Canyon View High School student will be an EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR, capable of utilizing various mediums and forms of expression to gather, develop, and communicate ideas effectively.


  1. Express ideas clearly and concisely in writing assignments
  2. Communicate with purpose and understanding in presentations and speeches
  3. Actively listen, respond appropriately, and acknowledge the ideas of others
  4. Effectively use technology to communicate with others
  5. Create artistic expression through art, music, dance, or drama

DRSL 3: Responsible Citizen
A Canyon View High School student will be a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN who possesses a sound work ethic, respects self, peers, others, and the environment, contributes to the community, and accepts responsibility for reaching his or her potential.


  1. Demonstrate accountability and integrity in personal behavior
  2. Demonstrate the ability to resolve conflicts and disputes appropriately
  3. Demonstrate individual responsibility by following rules, being prepared, respecting property, and using appropriate language
  4. Participate in service-oriented community activities
  5. Develop a plan for post-secondary growth


166 W. 1925 N.,
Cedar City, UT 84721

Rich Nielsen, Principal
Brad Lambeth & Jim Langford, Assistant Principals