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Concurrent Enrollment Courses


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5 x 5 Block Effect on Concurrent Enrollment

  • One of the emphases for implementation of a 5 period block was the increased opportunities for advanced learners.
  • During 2014-15 we had 626 student enrollments in AP and Concurrent Enrollment courses. This equated to a potential of 2563 college credits earned.
  • In 2015-16 we have 982 student enrollments in AP and Concurrent Enrollment courses. This equates to a potential of 3846 college credits earned.
  • This increase of 1283 credits has a potential tuition savings of over $500,000 to our students.

High School/SUU Concurrent Enrollment General Information

SUU Concurrent Enrollment Admission and Registraton Information

SUU Associate's Degree Planning Guide with CVHS Concurrent Classes

Online Courses through SUU (link)

SUU General Education Requirements


Enrollment in concurrent enrollment classes is a privilege for high school students extended as a courtesy by certain colleges or universities.  High school students benefit by receiving college instruction and credits with minimal cost.  CVHS offers concurrent enrollment through adjunct professors on the CVHS campus and through Internet classes.  Registration for concurrent enrollment classes constitutes a commitment to do college work.  Concurrent enrollment classes require the responsibility and maturity of a college-level student.  Class grades will appear on the student’s permanent college record, regardless of the grade results.  Poor grades may affect acceptance into any college or university, financial aid, and scholarship eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is concurrent enrollment? 
Concurrent enrollment will allow students to take college classes while still in high school and earn both high school and college credit  (assuming they pass the class, of course!).  There are two types of concurrent enrollment classes:

  1. Adjunct classes - taught at CVHS by CVHS teachers during normal school hours.   See a detailed list of available classes below.
  2. Internet classes - completed on the Internet from any computer.

2.  What is the minimum GPA required to be eligible to take a concurrent enrollment class?
Requirements differ at each college. A student must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to participate.  Please check with Mrs. Higbee for eligibility requirements.

3.  How is credit counted?
1.0 college semester credit is equal to .33 high school credit.  Since most concurrent enrollment classes are 3.0 college semester credits, they are counted as 1.0 high school credit.

4.  How do I enroll?
Check with Mrs. Higbee for enrollment information to verify your eligibility.

5.  How much does it cost?

  • Students are subject to the one-time university application fee ($45 for SUU)
  • Students may take the course for high school credit and choose not to receive college credit and thereby not pay a fee
  • SUU charges $5 per college credit hour
  • Students purchase any books or materials required for the course

Concurrent Enrollment Class Offerings (on CVHS campus)

ART 1010 - Introduction to Visual Arts
3 SUU Fine Arts GE credits

Biology 1010/1015 - Introduction to Biology
4 SUU Life Sciences GE credits

Biology 1020/1025 – Human Biology
4 SUU Life Sciences GE credits

Biology 1610/15 - General Biology
4 SUU Life Sciences GE credits

Business Administration 1010 - Business Management
3 SUU Social Science GE credits

CCET 1010 - Introduction to Engineering Design Technology
3 credits (accepted statewide)

CCET 1040 - AutoCAD for Architecture
3 SUU credits (accepted statewide)

CCET 2620 - 3D Design
3 SUU credits

CSIS 1000 - Introduction to Computer Applications & the Internet
3 SUU credits (fills Computer Literacy GE requirement)

Chemistry 1010/15 - Introductory Chemistry
4 SUU Physical Sciences GE credits

Education 2000 - Exploring Education in Society
3 SUU credits

EET 1700 - Circuit Analysis 1

Engineering 1010 - Engineering in the 21st Century
3 SUU credits

English 1010 - Intro to Academic Writing (ACT English score of 17 required)
3 SUU English GE credits (required)

English 2010 - Intermediate Writing (Completion of ENG 1010 with C- or better required)
3 SUU English GE credits (required)

Finance 2870 - Personal Finance
3 SUU Social Sciences GE credits

Geography 1000/05 - Physical Geography
4 SUU Physical Sciences GE credits

Geography 1300 - World Regional Geography
3 SUU Social Sciences GE credits

History 1700 - American Civilization
3 SUU credits (fills American Institutions GE requirement)

Math 1010 - Intermediate Algebra
3 SUU credits

Math 1050 - College Algebra
4 SUU credits (fills Quantitative Literacy GE requirements)

Music 1010 - Introduction to Music
3 SUU Fine Arts GE credits

NFS 1020 - Foundations of Human Nutrition
3 SUU Life Science GE credit hours


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