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ESL Coordinator

Jeff Bailey

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ESL PLAN Canyon View High School


Our mission is to ensure that English learners attain English fluency, meet high academic expectations, and have the confidence to participate in mainstream education.


Secretaries will inform ESL Coordinator of any registrations that indicate a home or native language of anything other than English.

ESL Coordinator will search PowerSchool for any ELs who were in the program last school year.

ESL Coordinator will periodically ask classroom teachers for any recommendations for new EL referrals.

Language Action Plans:

Once identified, students will be screened for language needs using the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test.

Qualifying students will be placed into the Student Study Skills class specifically for ELL students.  This class will be run by the ESL Coordinator and will also have an ESL Para educator.  This class will focus on language acquisition skills such as: English Pronunciation, Accent Reduction, Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure/Development, Vocabulary, Decoding, Phonics, Imagine Learning and general homework tutoring.  This class will meet every other day for approximately 90 minutes.

Qualifying students will also be periodically “pulled” from other classes for one-on-one or small-group English training with the ESL Para educator based on the students’ specific English needs.  ESL Coordinator and ESL Para educator will track the progress of each student and adjust ESL instruction accordingly.

The ESL Coordinator and ESL Para educator will check progress of students being “monitored” periodically.  Students may be reassessed if needed.  All qualifying students will be re-assessed in the spring to track and monitor progression.

Students’ grades will be monitored frequently and students may be referred to interventions.
Where possible, students will be placed in classes with ESL endorsed teachers. 

Classroom teachers will be made aware of the needs of ESL students through updates on Powerschool.

ESL paraprofessionals will be trained and re-certified each year.  ESL Coordinator and ESL Para Educator will attend monthly district ESL meetings.

Belief Statements and Goals:

ESL students are entitled to instruction suited to their needs.    
Success in our society is dependent on English proficiency.  

Our goals as a high school align with the district goals to have:
-English learners become competent in academic language and functions.  
-English learners graduate or have other opportunities to gain a diploma.
-Teachers use research-based teaching strategies for English learners.  
-Teachers counsel with ESL coordinators to make instructional decisions.


166 W. 1925 N., Cedar City, UT 84720
Dennis Heaton, Principal | Julie King and Kyle Robinson, Assistant Principals