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Academic Departments


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Family and Consumer Science
(Career and Technical Education)


Courses Taught

Crystal Baker

2018-19 Schedule

1st Semester
2nd Semester
A1 Apparel Design 1 B1 Prep A1 Child Development B1 Apparel Design 2
A2 Nutrition 1020 B2 Adult Roles A2 Nutrition 1020 B2 Foods 1
A3 Prep B3 FLEX A3 Child Development B3 FLEX
A4 Apparel Design 1 B4 Adult Roles A4 Prep B4 Prep
A5 Fashion Design B5 Adult Roles A5 Child Development B5 Foods 1

Kathryn Spencer
Class Website

2018-19 Schedule

1st Semester
2nd Semester
A1 Prep B1 Foods1 A1 Prep B1 Foods 2
A2 Pro Start B2 Prep A2 Pro Start B2 Prep
A3 Pro Start B3 FLEX A3 Pro Start B3 FLEX
A4 Foods 1 B4 Foods 1 A4 Foods 2 B4 Foods 2
A5 Foods 1 B5 Foods 1 A5 Foods 2 B5 Interior Design

Business Education Career Pathways

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ProStart Culinary Arts Team
They were the top 3A team in the state, 2011

ProStart members win State Food Presentation Award, 2010

166 W. 1925 N., Cedar City, UT 84721
Dennis Heaton, Principal | Julie King and Kyle Robinson, Assistant Principals