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Student Success
Pyramid of Interventions


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One of our goals for this year is to eliminate zeros on assignments. This is a lofty goal, but one of value to all students. To facilitate this, we have designed a system of intervention to aid students in completing assignments. Completed assignments translate into more learning better grades, higher student self-esteem, and increased overall student success.

Level 1
Teacher Intervention

Teachers will use every possible tactic to encourage students to turn in their assignments on time. They will provide opportunities to make up work with them at lunch and before or after school. Failure to turn in work will result in further student success interventions as outlined below.

Level 2
Lunch Intervention
Their teachers may refer students with zeros on assignments to lunch intervention. This is a 20-minute period starting at 10:55 a.m. in Mr. Jordan's band room during the first part of lunch period. Students will be released to eat on-campus only at 11:15. Students can bring a lunch from home or eat in the Commons. Students must bring the incomplete homework assignments described on the referral to work on during this time.

All students are subject to being referred to lunch intervention. However, any freshman that fails one or more classes in a quarter will be assigned to lunch intervention until remediation of the failed grades is completed. Upper classmen may loose open campus lunch privilege as determined necessary by the administration.

Other reasons a student may be referred to lunch intervention include having unexcused or excessive absences, excessive tardiness, failure to complete trackers as assigned, or behaving in a way that negatively effects student learning and success.

Consequences for failure to attend assigned lunch intervention classes will result in referral to Fifth Period Intervention.

Level 3
Fifth Period Intervention
The fifth period intervention class will be held Monday through Thursday in the library from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. There will be a math tutor and teachers from most departments from 2:45 to 3:15 to provide assistance to students in completing assignments. Transportation home will not be provided for those assigned to this class.

All students are welcome to come to the library to receive tutoring help during this time. A referral to 5th period intervention is not necessary to come and take advantage of this opportunity.

Consequences for failure to attend and complete work during 5th period for students who are referred will result in the forth level intervention.

Level 4
Referral to RTI(Response to Intervention Team)
A team headed by the administration and comprised of the referred student, teachers, counselor, advisor, and parents will meet to design a plan of action to get the student back on track to complete assigned work. This team can be a positive force in a young struggling student's life, if the student, if the student, the parents and the team take full advantage of opportunities to work together in the best interest of the student. Continued tracking, instruction, peer tutoring, counseling, or testing for special services, may be recommended by this committee. Our goal is to get the student maturing and working independently to organize tasks and complete assignments to become a successful student.

Students who fail to be successful students at Canyon View High School after moving through all of the above interventions will be referred by the RTI team to one of several alternative school placements as outlined below.

Level 5
Referral for an Alternative School Placement
After intervention options at the school level have failed to get a student on track to graduate from CVHS, being referred to an an alternative placement such as the Southwest Education Academy or the Iron County School District ACCESS program are the next options. Taking the GED and opting to leave CVHS are also options at this point.

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