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Extracurricular Activities

All student activities are under the jurisdiction and responsibility of the principal.   All student activities sponsored by the school or any school-related personnel must be approved by the principal.  Staff members should avoid scheduling or hosting activities for individual students or groups of students at locations other than the school.

Students failing to comply with school, region, and UHSAA policies may lose the privileges of attending/participating in extra-curricular activities for up to one year.


Activity Cards

Students will be issued pictured activity cards.  All students attending CVHS activities will be required to show their activity card.  Students will also be required to carry their activity card during school for identification.  Activity cards will have a bar code that will be used as a lunch card and to check out library materials.  Activity cards without pictures will not be used or accepted after picture activity cards are issued.  Students will be charged a $10 fee to replace lost activity cards.


Eligibility Requirements

Canyon View High School encourages our students to participate in extra-curricular activities.  We believe they help create well-rounded students.  Extra-curricular activities include, but are not limited to, serving in student government, competitive athletics, public performance of band, orchestra, choir, dance, drama, speech or forensics, or career and technical conferences.

According to the policies of the Utah State High School Activities Association (USHSAA), no student shall be eligible to represent his/her school in the above activities if he/she failed more than one subject during the previous grading period.  Eligibility will be established upon receipt of grades each term.  Anyone falling below a 2.0 GPA and/or receiving more than one F will be determined ineligible and will not be permitted to participate during the succeeding grading period.

Summer school make-up classes must be completed no later than August 15 and must be pre-approved by school administrators.

During the succeeding grading period, the student must establish eligibility by completing that term with at least a 2.0 GPA, with no more than one “F”.  Grades of “I” or “NG” will be counted as “F” until they are changed to a passing grade.  “I” grades due to unpaid fees DO NOT count as an “F”.

On the day of an activity in which a student participates, he/she must attend all classes until being officially released by the school for that activity.  The principal must authorize any exceptions to this policy, after a conference with the student and his/her parent/guardian prior to the anticipated absence.

Special Ed students will be expected to meet eligibility requirements unless otherwise specifically stated in their IEPs.

Individual groups/organizations within the school may have higher grade point standards written in their constitutions than the minimum outlined above, but they will be approved by the administration and must be published to the members of the team/organization.


Resolutions for Conflicting Activities for Students and Teachers

  1.  State or culminating (after qualifying at a region event) games, activities, or events take precedence over all other events.

  2.  Performance in a region game, activity, or event will take precedence over practice games or non-region/state events.

  3.  Performance in practice games or non-region/state events will take precedence over practices, meetings, etc.

  4.  Practices, team/group meetings, etc. will be last on the priority list.

  5.  In the event two activities of the same “weight” are conflicting, the event that was calendared first will have precedence.  If both events were sufficiently calendared in advance, the STUDENT must make the decision with the influence of his/her parent or guardian; coaches and advisors shall not exert nor try to exert coercive pressure upon the student. A $5 fee will be charged for lost or broken locks.


Dance Policy

  1. All dances must be cleared by the Canyon View High School Executive Council and the school administration.  All dances are assigned a sponsoring organization prior to the beginning of the school year based on petition and needs of the organizations.
  2. After a dance is approved, an activity clearance sheet must be filled out and turned in one week (7 days) prior to the dance OR THE DANCE WILL BE CANCELED.
  3. Administrators will have the responsibility of distributing the dances fairly and equally among the clubs and organizations.  A maximum of two dances per month will be set, including formal and semi-formal dances.
  4. Groups such as band, chorus, and athletics will be allowed only one dance per year.  For example track, basketball, swimming, etc. cannot have its own separate dance; they must sponsor a dance through GAA or the Lettermen’s Club.  Madrigals and A cappella cannot have their own dances; it must come under the heading of Chorus.
  5. The organization that sponsors the dance is also responsible for clean up.  For casual dances, the clean up must take place immediately following the dance unless prior arrangements are made.  Formal and semi-formal dances may be cleaned up any time before school resumes.  If clean-up is neglected, the sponsoring organization will be subject to a fine or a reprimand set by the Executive Council.
  6. Cancellation of a dance must be taken care of with the proper people at least two full days prior to the scheduled event.  A failure to notify the proper officials will bring a large fine and reprimand against the responsible organization.
  7. After game dances have an admission fee limit of $3.00.
  8. Dances and other such fundraisers may not be held for particular persons without approval of the Executive Council and the administration.  Such uses of money are highly discouraged.
  9. No off-campus booster dances will take place the same weekend that an on-campus dance is being held.  Failure to comply with this may result in the group losing its charter and recognition as a CVHS organization.


Jennifer Wood, Principal | Kevin Pedersen, Assistant Principal