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Comprehensive Guidance Training
Summer School Starts


Meeting with Success Academy
Freshmen Orientation
Senior Assembly
Back to School Night
District Opening Institute
Armed Services Visits
Steering Committee Meetings
SUU Admissions
LIC Meeting


College Tour
Meeting with CVMS
College and Career Readiness Training (CCR)
Suicide Prevention Community Outreach
Classroom Presentations to freshmen
Meet with seniors about graduation
10th grade suicide prevention (health classes)
SUU Counselor Days
District counselor meeting
Update counselor web page
CCE meetings
Community Council


School Improvement Committee meeting
ACT Test Prep
Comp Guidance review seminar
Suicide prevention training
Future/CCR meetings with students/parents
CCR Administrative meeting
SUU Admissions representative
Career Day committee meetings
PSAT testing
CCR advisor meetings
Order AP materials
End first quarter
Class presentations about CCR
District counselor meeting
CCR/appointment and preparation
ACT workshop
SUU Financial Aid Night preparation - set date


Scholarship assembly
Scholarship workshop
CCR review with advisors
Military visits
Career Day
Honor Society presentation
Sterling Scholar meetings
Letters to parents about Financial Aid Night
Financial Aid Night
ACT/Explore training
ASVB preparations
Compile report on CCR
Steering Committee meeting
Senior - CCR with counselors
Spring CCR coordination meeting - timeline planning
Meet with CVMS
Utah Counselor Association Conference

CVHS Comprehensive
Guidance Calendar


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Senior deficiency notices
CCR appointments
Freshman class meetings
Sophomore class meetings
Junior class meetings
Identify seniors graduating
Identify seniors in trouble
ACT testing
Sterling Scholar workshops
CCR completion of data
End of Third Term
CCR Advisors meeting
Freshman scheduling
Shopomore scheduling
Junior scheduling
Scholarship Fair
Scholarship workshop
Utah Boys State interviews


ACT preparationg
Pre-registration for fall
Sterling Scholar Interviews
Sterling Scholar Region Awards Night
SEA fail referral letters
Senior graduation checks
SUU Scholarship Fair
AP Prep
CTE preparation for final testing
Senior deficiency notices sent
Awards Assembly preparation
ACT Test
Pre-registration for fall
CCR final schedules for fall
Merit Diplomas


Graduation checks on seniors
Data Project
End of Level Testing
AP testing
CTE testing
Study Skills
Awards Assembly
CCR - schedule changes for fall
Graduation Night CVHS
Graduation Night Adult High
Graduation Night SWATC
Students receive final schedules
Senior Graduation


Web page update
Faculty luncheon
ACT Test prep
ASVAB testing
Sterling Scholar meeting
Comp Guidance Review
SUU Admissions & Scholarship information coordination
Armed Services visits
Meeting with CVMS
Counseling Christmas luncheon


Freshman pre-orientation
Sterling Scholar Presentation dinner
Meeting with CVMS
Elementary tutors
ASVAB results
Senior assembly
Preparation for Freshmen Orientation
SUU Transcript Tuesday
Steering Committee Meeting
CTE Skills Certification Testing
ACT Workshop
Community Council
Armed Services visits
ASVAB results
Beginning Second Semester
Schedule changes
Begin preparation for March CCR
Sterling Scholar Committee Meetings
Steering Committee
Clearinghouse NCAA
Pre Registration meetings
Report Cards handed out


9th, 10th, 11th grade registration assemblies
ACT preparation
CCR advisors
CCR preparation for March meetings
SWATC meeting - scheduling
Armed Services meeting
Sterling Scholar workshops
Utah Girls State interviews
Meet with CVMS
Freshmen Orientation
Steering Committee meeting
SUU Orientation
Comp Guidance Counselor meeting
Crisis training
Fight the new drug coordination
Course Catalog update

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Dennis Heaton, Principal | Julie King and Kyle Robinson, Assistant Principals