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Computer Use

Computers at CVHS are for student and faculty use in the realm of learning and instruction.  This includes computer hardware, software, local area network, wide-area network and Internet.  Computer use is a privilege and not a right.  Misuse of any computers, in any way, will result in the loss of all computer-use privileges by the offender for the remainder of the school year.  In addition, any act that violates the UTAH CRIMES ACT will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  Students will be required to sign an “Acceptable Use Policy” when registering at CVHS.  This form will be kept on file in the Media Center for one year.  This policy needs to be reviewed and signed yearly by student and parent/guardian.

Misuse of computers includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Display or creation of obscene or pornographic materials

  • Recreational game playing

  • Violation of copyright laws (including duplicating any software to avoid purchase)

  • Access of private records

  • Misuse of passwords and/or other security devices or software

  • Theft/ vandalism


Cell Phone Policy

One of the problems we are facing today is the use of cell phones during school time.  Students are having people call and text message them while they should be paying attention to the teacher.  When the cell phone is used during school, it is a disruption to the educational process. 

Cell Phones and Pagers will not be used during school hours in the school building with the exception of the lunch period.  If a student is caught using a cell phone during the school hours, the phone will be taken away and given to administration.  The student will be allowed to get the phone at the end of the following school day after visiting with the administration.  If the phone is taken away again during the year, the parents will be called and the phone will be given to them after a conference with administration. 

Camera phones will not be used.  If a student is found to be using the phone in a way that could be considered invading others’ privacy, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Our job is to educate, and everyone has the right to a distraction-free education.


Food and Drink Policy

In order to maintain a clean and orderly learning environment, food and drink will be permitted ONLY in the commons/cafeteria unless administrative approval is given.  Please dispose of all food wrappers, cups, and cans properly.

The student body officers and the administration invite you to help keep the campus grounds and buildings clean and in good repair.


Visitor Policy

All visitors, including parents/guardians, are always welcome.  They must check in at the main office for clearance before going to other areas of the building.  Student-aged friends/visitors will not be allowed at Canyon View High School during school hours to attend classes with CVHS students.  Pre-arranged exchange groups may be allowed with administrative prior approval.  Parents/guardians are always welcome.  Trespassers may be charged with trespassing.


Parking Lot Policy

  1. Student parking is available in the south and north parking lots.  DO NOT PARK ALONG ANY RED CURBS, in handicap-designated areas, in reserved spaces, or in bus zones (yellow curbs).         
  2. The driveway on the east side of the building is for those teachers working in that area and for delivery vehicles. No unauthorized vehicles—student or otherwise—may park in that area.
  3. In all cases, students who violate rules may have their vehicles towed at their own expense, receive a parking violation ticket from the Cedar City Police Department, or lose their privilege to park on campus.
  4. Parking in the front lot south of the first two rows (which is reserved for staff and visitor parking) may be assigned or sold to students with 3.0 GPA’s or higher on a first come/first served basis, starting with seniors. Students parking in these spots, who are not assigned to them, will be towed at their expense.
  5. Reckless drivers will be referred to the Cedar City Police Department.


Library Checkout Policy

Students are encouraged to read and are invited to check out books from the Media Center.  The checkout period is two weeks, at which time books must be renewed or returned.  A fine of five cents each school day a book is overdue will be charged.  Students will be charged the cost of replacement for any books which are lost.  If the book is found and returned, the cost will be reimbursed. However, late fees will still be charged.

Book fines must be paid before students transfer to another school, leave for the summer, or graduate.


PE/Team Locker Policy

PE/team lockers are issued to one individual.  The locker becomes the individual’s responsibility.  The Canyon View High School administration requires that each student take care of his/her PE locker.  Damage cost will be assessed, whether in the student’s occupancy or not.  Also, each student must place a school-issued lock on his/her locker in order to secure the belongings therein.  A $5 fee will be charged for lost or stolen locks.

Canyon View High School administrators maintain the right to search PE/team lockers if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that the locker may contain illegal items, (i.e., drugs, alcoholic substances, weapons, tobacco products, stolen goods, etc.).  This will include random search with police drug dogs.  Possession of the locker is non-exclusive against Canyon View High School and its officials, and is therefore subject to search at any time, for any reason.


Emergency Plan Policy

The purpose of the CVHS Emergency Plan is to provide information and direction for all persons with emergency response tasks.  This includes administrative staff, teaching and support staff, students, and parents.

It is the administration’s responsibility to provide for the safety and protection of faculty, staff, and students during an emergency.  This will be accomplished by having a functioning emergency preparedness plan, by providing training to faculty, staff, and students in the operation of the emergency plan in their assigned responsibilities, and by implementing, directing, and coordinating operation procedures when they are necessary.

Teachers and students will be trained in their responsibilities and proper response to various kinds of emergencies.


Jennifer Wood, Principal | Kevin Pedersen, Assistant Principal