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Attendance and Tardy Procedure

Canyon View High School has a formalized procedure for dealing with students who miss classes and are tardy.  Parents are notified of this procedure at the beginning of the school year and periodically thereafter.  "Chronically" absent or tardy students will be tracked each quarter.

Student/Parent Responsibility

Students are under legal obligation to be present and on time in each of his/her classes throughout the school day.  It is the parents'/guardians' responsibility to see that their children attend school.  Students with excessive unexcused absences will be referred to court for truancy.  The parents/guardians of students who have excessive excused absences can be referred to court for educational neglect.


Absent students (excused or not) get behind in their schoolwork and their grades are negatively impacted.  Parents/guardians that enable their children by excusing non-legitimate absences teach them to be dishonest and irresponsible for their own actions.

Legitimate absences must be reported by a phone call from the student's legal guardians.  If this is not done within a three-day period of time, parents/guardians must come to the school to personally talk with the assistant principal regarding student absences or they will remain unexcused. Student excused absences totaling more than three per quarter may not be excused over the phone. Parents must meet with the assistant principal to review the student's attendance record.

Attendance secretaries will screen callers to verify his/her identity.  Because of excessive signature forgeries, notes are discouraged.  Students who falsely excuse themselves will be subject to suspension. Parents must supply student ID numbers to excuse their students.

Excused Illness:               Medical, dental, or personal illness.  After three days of absence from illness, a doctor's note will be required.
Excused Non-illness:        An absence for observance of a religious holiday, court appearance, counseling appointment, or family emergency.
Unexcused:                     Any unauthorized absence from school, including vacations and early checkout at the end of the year.

Excessive absenteeism may result in loss of open campus, referral to 5th period Intervention class, suspension to the Truancy Support Center, or placement in an alternative educational setting.



Tardiness is a problem. Walking in late shows disrespect for the teacher and other students.  Tardy students must go directly to class and dialogue with the teacher regarding the tardiness.  The office secretaries will not take phone calls or notes for tardiness or write tardy passes. Only counselors and administrators are authorized to write excused tardy passes.

The enforcement of consequences for tardiness is up to individual teachers, SEOP advisors, counselors, or the administration. Each teacher will clearly spell out a tardy policy for his/her classes in the course syllabus.  If a student is 30 minutes or more late for a class, the student will be marked with an X to show excessive tardiness, but still present. Excessive tardiness will result in los of off campus lunch, 5th period Intervention, or a suspension to the Truancy Support Center.


Teacher Responsibility

  1. Teachers will call roll and submit absences and tardies on Power School each period.  After a student has missed three class periods or more, SEOP advisors are expected to contact parents and to log the contact into Power School. Excessive absences will be dealt with by the administration. 
  2. Teachers of academic classes may make participation/attendance in class a part of their grading systems.  Courses that are primarily participation classes  (i.e., music, physical education, shop, art, multimedia, etc.) may base the majority of the course grade on participation in class.  It is assumed that by missing class, students will miss important information that adversely impacts their grades.
  3. The teacher will reinstate lost participation/attendance credit for excused absences if class work is made up. *A teacher may choose to withhold participation/attendance credit if a student is abusing the attendance policy.
  4. It is required that the teacher's policy include some classroom activity at the beginning of the class, on a regular basis, that cannot be made up if missed because of unexcused tardiness or unexcused absence.

*Teachers may adjust this time for extenuating circumstances.


Campus and Hall Security

Any student out of class, in the halls or on campus, must have a hall pass.  The hall pass needs to have the teacher's name visibly displayed.  Any student without a hall pass or legitimate written excuse may be brought to the office and suspended for one full day or referred to the Truancy Support Center.  This policy applies to all areas of the campus. Only students who are registered Canyon View High School students will be allowed on campus.  Visitors must check in at the main office.

Students who have college or off-campus classes need to remain off campus or in the library until time for their next class, or will need to leave campus immediately after their last class.  Office/student aides, student government, and newspaper/yearbook staff should wear badges identifying themselves.

Because of liability, expensive equipment, student safety, and a desire to be free of vandalism, please cooperate with the administration by adhering to the following policies:

  1. No student is to be in any part of CVHS after school hours without supervision.
  2. School hours are considered to be when we have our doors open for instructional purposes.  On a school day, these hours are from 6:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  If a student must be in the building after 3:30 p.m., he/she must be with a CVHS staff member.
  3. No one is to be in the main building unsupervised during an athletic activity.
  4. The main gym is always off limits unless there is a scheduled sporting event, practice, or other authorized activity.

Please understand that just because a door is unlocked or is propped open does not constitute an invitation or permission to enter the building.  INDIVIDUALS FOUND TO BE IN AREAS THAT ARE OFF LIMITS MAY BE CHARGED WITH TRESPASSING.

Library Access

Students will only be allowed in the library during class time if they have a pass signed by a teacher.


Dennis Heaton, Principal | Julie King and Kyle Robinson, Assistant Principals