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Making and following a plan is very important in many areas of life. In high school, students must make sure the classes they take and the activities they choose are in line with their educational and career goals.

Because planning and monitoring progress is so important to success, Canyon View students have the chance to meet with an advisor or guidance counselor twice each year to review and revise plans for success. The process is called Student Educational Occupational Planning because effective planning should include a focus on both education and potential career interests.

SEOP meetings are first held in seventh grade and are reviewed and updated annually. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the SEOP conferences to provide input and to assist their students in reaching the goals set each year.

The goals of the SEOP process for each student are:

1. To identify interests and aptitudes
2. To identify potential careers that match the student‘s interests and aptitudes
3. To help make educational goals which match the student‘s career interests
4. To make and monitor a plan to achieve the student‘s educational and career goals
5. To develop a student schedule to meet the student‘s educational and career goals

1st Semester SEOP

The first of two SEOP meetings for students and parents with their advisors takes place during SEOP week in late September/early October. SEOP advisors will notify parents of their scheduled appointment during the week. This meeting will give parents, students, and advisors an opportunity to meet and discuss student needs, current grades, progress towards graduation, and career pathways. All students are excused at 1:30 p.m. during SEOP weeks to facilitate SEOP meetings.

2nd Semester SEOP

SEOPs for 2nd semester are held in early March. At the March SEOP meeting, students and parents will discuss course offerings and choices needed to satisfy graduation requirements as well as electives. This begins the process of creating a class schedule for the following fall semester. All students are required to have a full schedule. A link to the current course catalog can be found in the left column of the CVHS home page.

Parents and students should come to the March SEOP meeting prepared with course choices. Students will need to have alternatives in mind in case they don't get into every class they want. This process is very effective in creating a master schedule to meet the needs and wants of the vast majority of our students. If students do not to come and voice their choices and needs, the SEOP advisor will make class choices for them.

Considering all student requests, administrators will create a master schedule based on courses and numbers of sections to be taught. Student schedules will be printed and handed out to students in late April.

Please take advantage of this process. Students are more likely to enjoy school, attend regularly, and find success if they are able to contribute to building their own schedules.

Call the school office (586-2813) for more information about SEOPs.

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