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Utah Jiffy Lube “What Drives You?” Scholarship

The  Utah Jiffy Lube “What Drives You?” Scholarship program is offering two additional $1,500 scholarships to help support students with a positive incentive during this unique educational experience they are faced with and offers them the chance to look ahead to their future.

Students can apply directly online NOW at:  

 Your local Jiffy Lube owners are offering two $6,500 scholarship awards and  now six $1,500 scholarship awards to 8 local high school students – students simply have to write about “What Drives You?” – no grade point or test score requirements!

Program Overview:

  • Eight finalists will be selected from the 500 word “What Drives You?” essays submitted.   (there are two categories:  Already licensed teen drivers & driver’s ed students) . Each finalist will be guaranteed a minimum $1,500 award if they create and submit a 1-2 minute video that expands on their essay in their own candid words, visuals, etc.  The overall  $6,500 scholarship winner, in each category,  will be chosen from these videos.  Last year’s scholarship winners and the videos they submitted are  posted on our site!

Please direct your students to apply NOW directly online and see last year’s winners at:

Deadline is:  March 15th, 2021

Just a reminder the CTE Tuition Awards and Scholarship applications are due electronically by Friday, January 29, 2021. This year we have a total of 113 scholarships to award to the amazing students of CTE in Utah! Just a few tips and tricks to help students complete the application process.

Please make sure students have the following documentation, prior to filling out the application:

  • Signed Media Release Form.
  • Letter of Recommendation, CTE Teacher.
  • Letter of Recommendation, Other.
  • CTE Career Pathway
  • Signed, Unofficial Transcript(s) with All CTE Courses Highlighted.
  • All industry and CTE Skill Certificates earned.


Please make sure students also have the short answer questions completed prior to filling out the application:

  • Describe the related Work-Based Learning (WBL) experience you had during high school (grades 9-12). [4 Points Possible]
  • If you participated in a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) during high school, explain what leadership and workplace skills you developed and explain how it benefited you in your career preparation. For example, workplace skills could include accountability, communication, critical thinking, dependability, problem solving, teamwork, etc. [4 Points Possible]
  • What other leadership, citizenship, and/or service experiences did you participate in during high school (grades 9-12)? [4 Points Possible]
  • Outline and discuss your educational and occupational timeline and plan. [4 Points Possible]
  • Reflecting on your high school years (grades 9-12), how did CTE courses you completed prepare you for life after high school? What advantages did they provide for your college and career plans? [2 Points Possible]
  • What advice would you offer to future students about taking CTE courses during high school? [2 Points Possible]
  • Was there an educator (teacher, counselor, administrator) who was especially influential in your career choice? If so, who? What did they do to help you? [2 Points Possible]


If students need a guide to filling out the application, please refer them to the webinar we did with school staff to go through the application process, answer questions, etc. You can find the webinar here.


If you or your students have any questions regarding the scholarship, please make sure to check out the CTE Scholarship website.



  1. DFA Cares Foundation Scholarship – $ 1,000 – 20 Awards (Deadline: January 15, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • Be a High School Senior or recent graduate who has been accepted to college but have not yet started classes.
  • Be pursuing a career in the dairy industry or a related field.Applications can be found at: 
  • Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship – $20,000 – 500 Awards (Deadline: January 14, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • DECA Student Scholarships – $3,000 – 80 Awards (Deadline: Jan. 15, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • Material Handling Education Foundation Scholarship – $6,000 – 40 Awards (Deadline: Jan. 15, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • Mensa US Scholarship – $2,500 – 178 Awards (Deadline: Jan. 15, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • Live Mas Scholarship Program – $25,000 – 200 Awards (Deadline: Jan. 20, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • National Beta Scholarships – $20,000 – 250 Awards (Deadline: Jan. 21, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • United States JCI Foundation Scholarships – $1,000 – 20 Awards (Deadline: Jan. 22, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • SP High School Scholarship – $10,000 – 10 Awards (Deadline: Jan. 31, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • Union Plus Scholarship – $4,000 – 100 Awards (Deadline: Jan. 31, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship – $10,000 – 100 Awards (Deadline: Feb. 1, 2021)
    Eligibility includes:
  • The College Board partners with scholarship providers connected to the SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT®, and PSAT™ 10. Through these partners, students can access over $300 million in scholarship awards. Learn more at

    American Indian Graduate Center

    American Indian Graduate Center provides up to $30,000 in scholarships per student per year and supports Native students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in the United States. It offers more than 20 scholarship opportunities, plus a comprehensive array of academic and support services for students to utilize throughout their entire academic journey. From completing financial aid applications to creating a study plan to thriving on campus, students can rely on American Indian Graduate Center as a guide every step of the way.

    Check out the center’s scholarships as well as its student resource page to learn more. Have questions? Contact an academic adviser by calling 505-881-4584 or by emailing

    APIA Scholars

    Based in Washington, D.C., APIA Scholars is the nation’s largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit provider of college scholarships for Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) students. APIA Scholars provides scholarships to APIA students pursuing an undergraduate degree at a U.S. accredited college or university.

    The scholarship application will close on January 14 at 5 p.m. ET.

    For more information on the APIA Scholarship, including eligibility requirements, visit

    If you have any questions, please contact APIA Scholars at

    Hispanic Scholarship Fund

    The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) Scholar Program is designed to empower courageous young leaders of Hispanic heritage. The program helps ensure students achieve their higher education and career goals.

    Every year, 10,000 outstanding students are selected as HSF Scholars. While only some will receive HSF scholarships, due to funding limitations, all Scholars have access to HSF’s full range of invaluable Scholar Support Services. HSF Scholar Support Services include mentorship, leadership development, career services, knowledge building, and wellness training. Career services include, but aren’t limited to, access to internships and job opportunities with HSF corporate partners.

    Scholarship awards are based on merit; amounts range from $500 to $5,000, based on relative need, among the Scholars selected.

    To learn more about this scholarship opportunity, please visit This application closes February 15.

    Jackie Robinson Foundation

    The online application for the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) Scholarship will be available through February 1, 2021, at More than 4,000 talented young minority high school students apply to become JRF Scholars and carry on the civic-minded legacy of JRF’s namesake, Jackie Robinson. The deadline to submit the application for a JRF Scholarship is 5 p.m. ET, February 1, 2021.

    To see a listing of the queries JRF most often receives, view their frequently asked questions.

    To learn more about JRF, please visit their website at

, Scholarships

Utah Jump$tart Coalition Scholarship
  • Ages: 11th – 12th grade
  • Amount: $1,250
  • Description: Students
    can compete for this scholarship by creating a short, informative YouTube video about keeping college debt to a minimum.

Read details and apply

Utah School Counselor Association (USCA) Scholarship
  • Ages: 12th grade
  • Amount: $500
  • Description: Students
    must write an essay about a school counselor who made a positive impact in
    their life.

The College Board partners with scholarship providers connected to the SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT®, and PSAT™ 10. Through these partners, students can access over $300 million in scholarship awards. Learn more at are notifications of three scholarship openings that are specific to American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander students:

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

AISES is a national, nonprofit organization focused on substantially increasing opportunities for American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, First Nations, and other Indigenous peoples of North America in STEM studies and careers.One of the ways AISES strives to meet their mission is through the numerous scholarships that are provided for AISES members (membership is free to all pre-college and college students). AISES scholarships are all merit-based and range from $1,000 to $10,000 an academic year and are available at the college and graduate level. The applications open on December 15 of each year and close on March 31 of the following year.We hope that you’ll share this information with your students so they may apply for one of the AISES scholarships. Please visit their website at

Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) Scholars

Based in Washington, D.C., APIA Scholars is the nation’s largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit provider of college scholarships for Asian and Pacific Islander American students. APIA Scholars provides scholarships to APIA students pursuing an undergraduate degree at a U.S. accredited college or university.The scholarship application for the 2021-22 academic year will be available until January 14, 2021, 5 p.m. ET. For more information on the APIA scholarship, including eligibility requirements, visit you have any questions, please contact APIA Scholars at

Cobell Scholarship, Administered by Indigenous Education, Inc.

The Cobell Scholarship program provides elevated opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native college students by empowering them with an engaging scholarship experience designed to support their success in higher education.Vocational, undergraduate, and graduate-level students are encouraged to apply. Eligible applicants must be enrolled in a U.S. federally recognized tribe and be attending a nonprofit institution. The applications open on December 15 of each year and close on March 31 of the following year. For more information, please visit

Life Reimagined Ventures ScholarshipMy name is Calvin Rosser, and I’m the CEO of Life Reimagined Ventures, a company dedicated to empowering 10 million people to live a more fulfilling life.
Each year, we award $500 in scholarships to high-achieving, high school students who have been affected in some way by the increasing prevalence of mental health challenges.I created the Elevate Mental Health Awareness scholarship in honor of my mom, a wonderfully inspiring and compassionate woman who struggled with mental health and took her own life in 2017. The scholarship is designed to inspire greater awareness about mental health and fuel innovative solutions that help the millions of people who are suffering.You can find more information about the scholarship here:

, Scholarships

The Jackie Robinson Foundation scholarship application is now available!

The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides four-year scholarships of $30,000 and extensive support services, including career guidance and internship placement, to highly motivated African American students who have maintained a 98% college graduation rate.

The application closes at 5:00 pm ET on February 1, 2021.

Regents Scholarship

www.regentsscholarship.orgThe Regent Scholarship Application is now open. The priority deadline is December 4, 2020 and the Final Deadline is February 1, 2021. Contact your counselor to get your transcripts sent in time.WiseGeek Nurse Appreciation Scholarship

Dar ScholarshipAll of these scholarships can be applied for online at the DAR Scholarships portal starting on November 1, 2020. All applications must be submitted by January 31, 2020.El Dabe Ritter Scholarship

This scholarship is now available to any high school senior in the United States that desires to apply. More information  can be found on our scholarship application below:

Deadline: June 30, 2020

Award Amount: $1,500Application:

Westminster Freepress Scholarship, ScholarshipsSchools around the country are closed, kids are home, and suddenly we’ve become their teachers during COVID-19 confinement. Social media is filled with posts from parents struggling to keep their children focused and trying to create lessons that will interest and challenge them.Here’s a student essay contest on the importance of the free press that will help solve that problem. This unique lesson is in the form of a contest with $15,000 in cash prizes and a four-year scholarship valued at $152,000 for kids 6th grade through university.The 500-word essay competition is sponsored by The McCarthey Family Foundation and The Boston Globe.Here’s the link to participate and learn more: & Murphy Personal Injury ScholarshipThis scholarship is available to all high school seniors and current college students who are planning on entering the law field.$500 (One-time award)
Due April 30, 2021
Must be attending a 4-yr college/university or 2-yr community college for Fall 2021
Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted Property Management HOA Service Scholarship

This scholarship is available to any High School senior nationwide.

July 31, 2020

Award Amount:



Utah Association of Conservation Districts$1,000 Auxiliary ScholarshipScholarship ApplicationRotary ScholarshipThe amount has increased from $1,000 to $1,500. We will be giving out four scholarships in the coming year.RotaryScholarshipApplication2020
Utah Jumpstart CoalitionOur colleagues at the Utah JumpStart Coalition have asked us to share information about their 2020 High School Scholarship Program:

  • Due March 20, 2020
  • Juniors and seniors may apply
  • Three $1,250 scholarships are available
  • Student must submit a 60-second video about paying for college as part of the application.

You can find more information and submit your scholarship application at
Powerblanket ScholarshipThis year, Empower Manufacturing is facilitating its scholarship application through Complete Scholarships. Complete Scholarships is a free web tool designed and operated by the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA) that helps Utah students find and apply for relevant state and local scholarships.Students can visit the Powerblanket website or the Complete Scholarships website for full contest details and a link to the application.
Hagan Scholarship(Hagan Scholarship Link)Hagan Scholarship recipients are high achieving, self-motivated students who will require substantial financial assistance to attend college. The Hagan Scholarship provides up to $48,000 over four years; nine hundred twenty-seven Hagan Scholars from 43 states are currently enrolled at 358 colleges and universities. Over 2,000 Hagan Scholarships have been awarded to date, 500 more scholarships will be awarded in April 2021.The award of a Hagan Scholarship can be life changing for many recipients. For more information and to access the Hagan Scholarship Application please visit our website. The Application Deadline is 5:00 PM CST, November 15, 2020.Huntsman Scholar ProgramThe Huntsman Scholar Program is a highly selective undergraduate business and economics program offered to a select group of Direct Admit students into the Huntsman School on the Logan campus. We are looking for, in Jon Huntsman’s words, “the individual sense of purpose and integrity,” in addition to academic excellence. Thus, our selection criteria include not only academic record, but examples of ethical leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and career focus.Students receive a $2,000 annual stipend for up to four years (can be deferred for up to two years), a fully-funded global learning experience, and participate in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular experiences. Students are assigned program mentors on Day 1 and have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow students through specially designed activities.Once selected, students are assigned into sections of 35-40 students. Each section is led by a program mentor who meets with students individually, in small groups, and with the entire section each semester. The focus of the mentoring is to provide students an avenue to discuss career and life goals and for program mentors to assist with and to assess career development.Application Details
Injury Doctor Scholarship.This scholarship is available to all high school seniors and current
college students who are planning on entering the medical field.
Here are some brief notes on this scholarship:$1,000 (One-time award)
Due June 30, 2020
Must be attending a 4-yr college/university or 2-yr community college
for Spring 2020
Incomplete or Late Applications will not be acceptedYou can view the scholarship and other pertinent information
Scholarship Application

Daniels Scholarship Program Application
Read details and apply
September 18, 2020
We are excited to announce that the online application for the Daniels Scholarship Program will be open from Thursday, October 1 to Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. MST!
The Daniels Scholarship Program provides the opportunity for highly motivated students to earn a bachelor’s degree that helps them build a successful career and rewarding life. Daniels Scholars demonstrate exceptional character, leadership, and a commitment to serving their communities. Bill Daniels would also want his scholars to be proud Americans who value our free enterprise system and are prepared to give the world their very best shot.
The Daniels Scholarship Program offers a four-year annually-renewable college scholarship that provides financial and personal support focused on helping Daniels Scholars succeed in college, and in life. The scholarship is unique to each student and varies depending on their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and their choice of school. The scholarship pays up to $25,000 per year toward the student’s unmet need, after applying their EFC, other scholarships, and financial aid. Daniels Scholars may attend any accredited college or university in the United States.
Please note that we will no longer have a Partner School option for new applicants.
Below is a list of eligibility requirements:
  • Be a graduating high school senior in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming.
  • Be a resident of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Earn a minimum 3.0 high school GPA (on an unweighted 4.0 scale)
  • Earn a minimum SAT Math score of 490 and a minimum Evidence-Based Reading & Writing score of 490, or a minimum ACT score of 18 in each category (writing score not required). All scores must come from a single test. Super scoring is not accepted.
  • For students who were unable to take the SAT or ACT due to COVID-19 cancellations, they are eligible to apply with a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.3 in high school (on an unweighted 4.0 scale), and do not need to provide standardized test scores.
  • The applicant’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $85,000 or less on the 2019 tax return on which the applicant appears. For claimed dependents beyond the applicant, there is an allowance for an additional $5,000 for each dependent or $15,000 for each additional dependent in college full-time.

For full details on the scholarship and to apply, visit our website at On our website, you will also find answers to frequently asked questions and additional promotional materials that can be downloaded and shared.

, ScholarshipsClick here to watch our updated 20-minute video detailing who we are looking for and how to apply.

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation believes that investing in students who are leaders, both academically and in service to others, will result in positive, lasting change and sustainable communities.

Encourage your students to apply to be a Coca-Cola Scholar by October 31, 2020, at 5 p.m. ET, and receive a chance for one of 150 college scholarships worth $20,000 through the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. For more details and a link to the application, visit

Jump$tart’s Fall 2019 Scholarship.

This scholarship is open now, it is available to 12th graders, and the deadline is November 30, 2019 at 6:00 pm. Please see the attached flyer for additional details.

Fall 2019 Scholarship Packet

Elevate Pest Control​​​​Elevate Pest Control in Utah is offering a $750 scholarship. The scholarship will be given to a graduating senior or college freshman from Utah. There are more details about the scholarship and its qualifications in the link listed below.-More DetailsJack Kent Cooke FoundationThe Cooke College Scholarship Program is an undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend and graduate from the nation’s best four-year colleges and universities.Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements.The 2021 Cooke College Scholarship Program application closes on October 30, 2020, at 11:59 p.m., in your local time zone.Applicants can add the Cooke College Scholarship Program Application to their Common App.UAIIA Scholarship ProgramThe Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents (UAIIA) is offering a minimum of three scholarships ranging from $500 to $2000 in 2019 to Utah high school seniors who have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA and are active in extra-curricular activities through their school, church, community or work.  In 2018 UAIIA awarded thirteen scholarships.Learn more here.Horatio Alger ScholarshipThe Horatio Alger Association welcomes eligible high school seniors to apply for the Horatio Alger Scholarships, which range from $10,000 to $25,000.
Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply forthese awards.
One application is all that’s necessary to apply for state, national, and specialized programs. The application is open until October 25 and available at National FoundationEligibility:

  • Current high school seniors, or the equivalent, who are citizens of the United States are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants need not be related to a member of the Elks.
  • High school graduates are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be citizens of the United States on the date their applications are signed; permanent legal resident status does not qualify.

Click here to apply!Scholarship opportunity for female students at CVHSEach year, we award $500 in scholarships to high-achieving, high school women who aspire to use a career in technology to change the world.We created the Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship because we believe that it’s critical that women be at the forefront of our tech-driven world. The scholarship is designed to empower and inspire the next generation of extraordinary women leaders.You can find more information about our scholarship award here: College ScholarshipSeniors, if you’re planning on going to Snow College, they have an amazing scholarship available called the Snow College Ambassador Scholarship!! It will pay for 50% of your tuition!! Deadline is February 1. For more information, talk to your counselor.Governor’s Honor AcademyJuniors, SUU is offering a chance to go to Governor’s Honor Academy. This is a great opportunity for juniors who excel in citizenship, service activities, academics and extracurricular endeavors. If you think you qualify for this opportunity, come get a flyer in the counseling center. The cost for this 9 day camp in June is $1,100. When completed, you will receive a four-year full tuition scholarship to SUU!!!!!!WebsiteGeorge Hansen Scholarship in Geological SciencesAvailable to incoming college freshmen who enroll as geology or earth and space science education. Application link.Coolidge ScholarshipFor juniors and students who haven’t taken any college classes while in high school. Scholarships Website newsletter
Susan W. Coda Memorial ScholarshipThe Susan W. Coda Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in 1988, provides a one-time merit-based scholarship to an exceptional Utah woman attending a college or university outside the state of Utah. The recipient must be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the U.S. or Canada, a Utah resident at the time of application, and have attended high school or college in Utah. Each year, a scholarship award is funded entirely by the available earned interest. The fund is maintained by the P.E.O. Foundation and administered by the Susan W. Coda Memorial Scholarship Committee. Applications are distributed to Utah high schools annually in November and are due no later than March 1 to be considered. Please email for the address to which applications should be mailed.Susan W. Coda Scholarship ApplicationDaniels Scholarship Program(link for more information)
This program provides four-year college scholarships for graduating high school seniors who demonstrate exceptional character, leadership, and commitment to serving their communities. Daniels Scholars benefit from much more than just financial support. They become part of a community and receive access to personal support, professional development, and a far-reaching network that contributes to their success in college and beyond.Farm Bureau Financial Services ScholarshipDownloadable PDF
Aspirations in ComputingAttention all girls interested in computing!!Create an account and apply for the
Aspirations in Computing
awards and scholarships Lifeline for Youth is offering three $1,000 scholarships to seniors to help raise awareness of teen issues like bullying, suicide, and substance abuse. The instructions for applying to the scholarship are simple and can be found here:
Lifeline for Your has been serving Utah teens and their families since 1990. They provide hope and healing to thousands of families suffering from substance abuse, depression, family relationship problems, criminal behavior, school problems, pornography, out-of-control and other destructive behaviors that prevent youth from being happy and successful. Lifeline for Youth aims to help both teens and their families make positive changes for life., Scholarships$1,000
Monthly Scholarship
Sponsored by: ChristianConnector

Apply Now »

The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe LLP is offering three prizes totaling $1,750 in scholarship awards.
This scholarship is open to high school seniors who plan to attend college and first-year college students in 2 or 4-year colleges. All information regarding the scholarship can be found on this page:


The online application is accessible at To apply for this scholarship students must have already applied to the University of Utah and have their University of Utah student ID number (uNID). Students will need their student ID number (uNID) to sign into AcademicWorks.  After completing and submitting the General Application for scholarships on AcademicWorks, students must submit an application for the Larry H. Gail Miller Enrichment Scholarship. You can search for the application using the word ‘enrichment’. Students must complete and submit both the general scholarship application and the Larry H. and Gail Miller Enrichment Scholarship application to be considered. 

Elevate Pest Control in Utah is offering a $750 scholarship. The scholarship will be given to a graduating senior or college freshman from Utah. More details can be found by following the link below. ROTC ScholarshipsArmy Reserve Officer Training Corps enables students to enroll in elective leadership and military courses at colleges and universities in addition to their required courses. Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s merit and grades, not financial need.Scholarships consist of:

  • Two-, three-, and four-year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete the degree
  • Full-tuition scholarships
  • The option for room and board in place of tuition (for those who qualify)
  • Additional allowances for books and fees

Scholarships also provide monthly living allowances for each school year. Cadets can earn certain amounts depending on their level in the Army ROTC.
In order to apply for an Army ROTC scholarship, students first will need to create a MY GOARMY account.
Once an account is created, the student will be sent to the MY GOARMY login page. Once they can successfully login to MY GOARMY, they can use the newly created account information to login to the scholarship application site. For additional information, Learn More.The following are other useful websites about Army ROTC and scholarships: Athnet Sports Recruiting is offering a $1,000 scholarship available to future college students who play or have played sports at the high school level. This year’s high school seniors are eligible to apply if they will be attending college next year. See the website link (above) for more information.USCA’s Lynn Jensen Memorial Scholarship is now accepting scholarship applications. Please refer to the attached flyer for more details.Your local Jiffy Lube owners are offering two $6,500 scholarship awards and four $1,500 scholarship awards  to 6 local high school students– students simply have to write about “What Drives You?” – no grade point or test score requirements!
Program Overview:
Six finalists will be selected from the 500 word “What Drives You?” essays submitted.  Each finalist will be guaranteed a minimum $1,500 award if they create and submit a 1-2 minute video that expands on their essay in their own candid words, visuals, etc.  The overall $6,500 scholarship winners will be chosen from these videos.
Students can apply directly online at:
Deadline is:  March 19, 2018
WACE National Co-op Scholarship Program. More information at www.waceinc.orgDaniels Scholarship Program offers a 4-year college scholarship which can be used at any accredited nonprofit college or university in the U.S. More information at danielsfund.orgElevate Pest Control in Utah is offering a $750 scholarship for 2017. The scholarship will be given to a graduating senior or college freshman from Utah. There are more details about the scholarship and its qualifications in the link listed below.
Walmart Golden Key Scholarship Application link

Attention PAST & PRESENT PATIENTS of Dr. Cody Wilson:
Dr. Wilson is offering THREE $350 scholarships to THREE graduating High School Seniors!*  Scholarships may be used at any college, university, or applied tech school of  your choice.
ESSAY THEME: “Why I plan to continue my education after high school.”
Essay deadline May 1, 2018
Submit by email to:
Subject line:  Scholarship Essay
Include your full name, phone number, and name of high school you are attending.

Conway B. and Elaine W. Sonne Scholarship: (pdf file)
African-American Leadership Award: (pdf file)

Utah Association of Conservation Districts $750 Auxiliary Scholarship. The recipient will be a high school senior living in Beaver, Iron, Washington, Kane or Garfield County, who is pursuing a degree in an agriculture or natural resource science field. For more information about the Utah Association of Conservation Districts visit For questions or comment please contact:
Tyce Palmer, Resource Coordinator
UACD Zone 5

Link to Application Form

T.H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program. For students interested in pursuing an education degree and teach in Utah public schools. More information here.

The UAEOP Judy Anderson Student Scholarship is designed to assist business education students who wish to continue their education and pursue office related careers, preferably in the educational field. The scholarship is valued at $500.
Application is available at Click on Grow and Student Scholarship.

Valleywide Cooperative is offering a scholarship. Go to to fill out the application electronically. Talk to the counselors for more information.

OBODO: To enter all a student needs to do is tell us what they are bringing from their hometown to college and why it’s important to them. Once a year we will award a $500 scholarship. Our scholarship is open to any high school students who will be attending college in the Fall semester. ABODO is all about helping students find housing and we wanted to help students further by offering this scholarship. Please take a look

Involvement Scholarship
Needs Based
Alumni Legacy Resident Scholarship

A Las Vegas-based law firm is looking to give back to the community. As both partners at the firm are left-handed, they decided to offer a Left-Handed Scholarship for $1,500. Information about the scholarship and a link to the official rules and application form can be found here:

Lawyers Plus is offering a Right-Handed Scholarship! Information about the scholarship and the application can be found on the following webpage:

The USDA/1890 National Scholars Program will provide full tuition, employment, employee benefits, fees, books, and room and board each year for up to 4 years to selected students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the following universities:

  • Alabama A&M University
  • Alcorn State University, Mississippi
  • Central State University, Ohio
  • Delaware State University
  • Florida A&M University
  • Fort Valley State University, Georgia
  • Kentucky State University
  • Langston University, Oklahoma
  • Lincoln University, Missouri
  • North Carolina A&T State University
  • Prairie View A&M University, Texas
  • South Carolina State University
  • Southern University, Louisiana
  • Tennessee State University
  • Tuskegee University, Alabama
  • University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Virginia State University
  • West Virginia State University

GoalThe goal of the USDA/1890 National Scholars Program is to increase the number of minorities studying agriculture, food, natural resource sciences, and the related disciplines. National Scholars are required to study in the following or related disciplines.

  • Agriculture
  • Agricultural Business/Management
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Engineering/Mechanics
  • Agricultural Production and Technology
  • Agronomy or Crop Science
  • Animal Sciences
  • Botany
  • Food Sciences/Technology
  • Forestry and Related Sciences
  • Home Economics/Nutrition
  • Horticulture
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Soil Conservation/Soil Science
  • Farm and Range Management
  • Other related disciplines, (e.g. non-medical biological sciences, pre-veterinary medicine, computer science)

The Award
Scholarships are awarded annually and must be used at one of the 1890 Historically Black Land-Grant Universities. Each award provides full tuition, as well as room and board, for the term of the scholarship. The scholarship may be renewed each year, contingent upon satisfactory academic performance and normal progress toward the bachelor’s degree.
General Eligibility
To be eligible for the USDA/1890 National Scholars Program scholarship a student must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Have been accepted for admission or currently attending one of the nineteen 1890 Historically Black Land-Grant Universities.
  • Study agriculture, food, natural resource sciences, or other related academic disciplines
  • Demonstrate leadership and community service
  • Submit an official transcript with the school seal and an authorized official’s signature
  • Submit a signed application (original signature only)

Who Should Apply
The USDA/1890 National Scholars Program is available to high school seniors entering their freshman year of college and rising college sophomores and juniors. Home Care which is offering $1,000 scholarship for incoming and current college students. We’re trying to spread the word and encourage students to apply. I believe this scholarship is a good fit for your list of scholarships. You can get more information here: Free Life Scholarships. We award $8,000 in scholarships every year to students who share their stories of how quitting smoking helped them to change their lives and their views on how we can create a smoke-free world. It’s free to apply for everyone.
You can find more information at:
University Tutor Scholarship Contest: you a senior young man or woman of Italian ancestry? The Women’s Italian American Civic League is offering a $1500 scholarship. They’re looking for students who excel in AND out of the classroom. Come to the counseling center for an application.Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students must write an essay in response to a monthly prompt. Visitors to the Varsity Tutors scholarship webpage are able to vote via social media for submitted entries. The top five entries with the most votes are reviewed by Varsity Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship. Interested students can enter the contest here:, if you are planning on attending SUU in the fall, the Sons of Utah Pioneers is offering a $2000 for those students with financial burdens. Applications are in the counseling center,. Take advantage of this generous scholarship!!Seniors who are pursuing a degree in an agriculture or natural resource science field have a new scholarship offer. The Utah Association of Conservation Districts is offering a $750 scholarship.  Come into the counseling center for the application. If you are a student who has been accepted to SUU, there is another scholarship available for you. The Cedar City Rotary Club scholarship application is now in the counseling center. One of the requirements is 50 community service hours. If you feel you meet this requirement, come see Robin Birmingham in the counseling center for an application.Air Force ROTC Scholarships: Force Academy Scholarships: Utah Valley University Ambassador Program and UVU’s Center for the Advancement of Leadership is currently accepting applications for the Wolverine Ambassador LEAD Housing Scholarship. This scholarship consists of a 2/3rds housing supplement at Ventana Student Housing located across the street from UVU campus. The Wolverine Ambassador LEAD Program is a two-year program designed to shape students into becoming more effective leaders in whatever professional field they’ve chosen to pursue. As an Ambassador, students have the opportunity to not only serve as student recruiters for the school, but play an integral role in shaping the brand of the university throughout the state.
Applications are online at
Or come into the counseling center for more info.
APPLY FOR UVU’S COMPUTER ENGINEERING & COMPUTER SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIP. Visit nancialaid/ to apply. Questions? Email or call Dr. Afsaneh Minaie at or 801.863.6391.Scholarship Helps:Strategies for Applying for Scholarships Scholarship Materials for a Successful Essay the Personal Statement American Legion has a website for scholarship and financial aid information. Go to and leadership education program in Washington, D.C.
Are you a junior or senior involved in student government in the office of Student Body President, Vice President Secretary or Treasurer? How about a junior or senior who’s class president, vice president, secretary or treasurer? Are you on student council or a representative? If so, there will be 104 students selected nationally (2 from each state) for a week-long government and leadership education program in Washington, D.C. and a one time $5000 college scholarship. See the counseling center for details.
Moot Court Scholarship Flyer (link here)American College Foundation Scholarships:
UEA Vocational Scholarships
These scholarships are offered to students statewide who are in alternative education schools or who are pursuing vocational schools after highscool. The Dixie Lodge is guarenteed at least two scholarships from the UEA.
Ladies of Elks Scholarship
The student must attend Dixie College and have completed two years of college course work as a high school student or as a college student.

Legacy Awards
The student’s parent or Grandparent must be a member of the Elks Lodge
Applications are due before the first week in February
Emergency Educational Grants
The student’s parent or Grandparent must be a member of the Elks Lodge
The Daniels Scholarship
Students must be nominated by a designated Referral Agency (Pine View High School).
Application Web Site
Students may apply from September through December.
Applicants must be a resident of Utah, demonstrate financial need and receive a score of 17 or higher on ACT.
Phone Toll Free: (877) 791-4726

Lynn Jensen Memorial Scholarship
$500 Scholarship for high school seniors who plan to become a school counselor or public education teacher for Grades K-12. Requirements include a high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores, student achievement form, two letters of recommendation, essay about a school counselor, a photograph, release.
Application Web Page
Annette Whitaker
Principals Leadership Award Scholarship
Students are considered by nomination to honor outstanding student leaders across the country.

Sterling Scholar – Opportunities for recipients
To be selected as a Sterling Scholar nominee, public high school seniors must have extraordinary scholarship scores as well as service in leadership and community service/citizenship opportunities at their Utah public high school. The program is designed to recognize scholastic achievement in Utah public high schools. Students in the Washington County School District will work with the designated Sterling Scholar Coordinator to participate in the the application process.
Sterling Scholar Program

Miscellaneous ScholarshipsAfrican American Scholarships College Scholarship Program
American Indian & Alaska Native Employee Assoc.
American Indian College Fund
American Legion College Financial Aid Handbook is online at
You will find Baseball scholarships, Boys State Information, Junior Shooting Scholarship, Oratorical, and Legacy Scholarships
You will also find a Samsung American Legion Scholarship for children (grandchildren or great grandchildren) of veterans and are delegates to Boys or Girls State.
The Art Institute
Various locations, deadlines, etc.

Asian American Journalists Association
Association of American Indian Affairs
Black Student Fund
Capex (scholarship website)
Centennial Scholarship for Early Graduation Certificate
Seniors intending to complete early graduation
DEADLINE: advanced planning necessary; see counselor
Chicana/Latina Foundation
Congressional Hispanic Scholarships
Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest
Paperwork in Counseling Office
Duck Tape Scholarships
Evans Hairstyling CollegeSeniors!! If you are planning on going to Evans Hairstyling College after graduation, they have given us 2 $2000 scholarships to award to students who have applied to Evans!!  If you could use this $2000 and can verify you’ve applied, please see Robin Birmingham for details.Friends of Libraries U.S.A.
Go College
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Seniors with Hispanic heritage, 3.0 GPA

Humanist Essay Contest

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest
Kaplan’s My Turn Essay Contest
KFC Colonel’s Scholars
is looking for high school seniors with financial need and an entrepreneurial spirit to qualify for the KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program. Awards are up to $20,000 for tuition, fees, textbooks, room and board.  Go to for more information.
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Minority Scholarships (link)Montgomery GI Bill
Mountain America Credit Union
National Association of Black Journalists Scholarships
National Merit Scholarship Program
National Rifle AssociationSophomores and Juniors: The National Rifle Association is offering those in good academic standing a chance to participate in the National Youth Education Summit and compete for scholarships. Canyon View student, Michael Matheson, was accepted to the Summer 2010 program. If you’re interested, email or call 1-800-672-3888 ext. 1342.National Society of Black Engineers Scholarship
New Century Scholarship
Candidates must graduate from high school with an associate’s degree and 3.0 GPA
NROTC Scholarship
Willing to serve in Navy, ACT scores of 22 Math 22 English or SAT of 520 Math 530 Verbal
Olene S. Walker Transition to Adult Living Scholarship
Post 911 GI Bill

SAE Engineering Scholarships
Junior and seniors; intention to major in engineering field, 3.5 GPA, 90th percentile scores math and verbal areas of SAT or ACT
DEADLINE: varies depending on scholarship
Scholarship America
Scholarships for Hispanics
Scripps New Generation Scholarship
Merit based
Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest
SUU Scholarships
SWATC Scholarship
Seniors, if you are interested in applying for an SWATC Scholarship, the application is available at: Click on Students, then High School Students, then 2011-2012 Scholarship Application.
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
Toyota Scholarships
Tribal Colleges
Tylenol Scholarship
United Negro College Fund
US Bank Scholarships
Apply for one of 40 $1,000 scholarships
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce
The Utah Association of Educational Office Professionals
is offering a $500 scholarship for students planning a business office career.
The Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents
is offering a minimum of three $1000 scholarships in 2011 to Utah high school seniors who have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA and are active in extra-curricular activities through their school, church, community or work.  Scholarships will be awarded to those students who are pursuing an insurance career or a business degree.  Applications are in the counseling office or at
Utah Hispanic Business Leadership Foundation
Utah Navajo Trust Fund
Utah Scholarship Guide
Utah State Board of Regents’ Scholarship
Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program
Walmart Foundation
Western Undergraduate Exchange
Westminster CollegeIf you are planning on attending Westminster College, please see the counseling center regarding scholarship programs available.Zinch Sweet-Diggity-Dawg Scholarship
*Current high school student
*GPA 2.0 +
*Have a profile ( is a free scholarship website)
DEADLINE: Ongoing College Search Engine/ Scholarship Search